Cascading: Gender, Race and Downward Mobilities

Group of people sitting and talking

Cascading Group members in discussion with Arlie Hochschild, Spring 2019

The Cascading Workshop explores the process of falling from a particular status in ways that trigger additional declines.

While fundamentally driven by an economic drop, cascading coexists with and provokes multiple losses, which can in turn become a constellation of descents — social, interpersonal, aspirational. The workshop takes an intersectional lens to map the contours, causes, consequences and meanings of downward mobilities in the U.S. It reviews the gendered and racialized processes that affect women and men in this era of growing inequality, reinforced glass ceilings, enduring prejudice and blocked opportunity. Because of women’s disproportionate responsibility for caregiving and the seemingly intractable gender and race segregation of the labor market, family structure and kin networks figure importantly in this puzzle.

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