Lacto-Fermentation Workshop with S.E. Nash

In conjunction with his solo exhibition “Krautsourcing” at the Kniznick Gallery, artist S.E. Nash (Sean Nash) will host a fermentation workshop for the campus community at Brandeis University. Sean is a food fermentation experimentalist who uses fermentation as a material and social medium in his artistic practice. He studied with fermentation revivalist and author Sandor Katz in 2014 and began incorporating living fermented foods in his sculptures soon after. This workshop will go over the basics of lacto-fermentation, food preservation, and the microbiome, and will provide hands-on experience through a sauerkraut demonstration. In addition to discussing the fermentative processes of microbes, Sean will speak about his involvement in contemporary art and fermentation movements that use fermentation as a metaphor and model for self-empowerment. In his published writing, Sean encourages us to think with our microbes, which comprise fifty to eighty percent of a human body’s cells. He proposes this as a paradigm shift for understanding sex and gender in concert with symbiosis. Each participant will receive a jar of sauerkraut.The workshop will conclude with a tour of “Krautsourcing.”

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Co-sponsored by Brandeis partners: Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies and The Heller School for Social Policy and Management.