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Work by Roberta Paul

Through Friday, Jan. 29, 2010

Shame includes work from Roberta Paul's series Creation: Science. Initially presented to suggest common ground between biblical and scientific views of creation, the work is presented at the Women’s Studies Research Center in light of Eve’s perceived role and its impact on and relevance to contemporary culture.

The paintings present an eloquent and minimal version of Masaccio’s Renaissance painting of Adam and Eve, at the moment of the Expulsion from Eden. A starry sky filled with conceptual versions of various constellations overlies the figures.

The repetition of the same figural image – filled with despair, regret and shame – from one work to the next inescapably emphasizes the psychological ramifications of their fateful taste. In the work, as in the Biblical story, we see Eve as the original femme fatale, embodying wrongdoing and remorse, and leading to the downfall of humankind.

This multifaceted series ignites exploration of shame, from Eve’s decisive act, to the sins committed by religious or scientific zealots throughout history, to modern unscrupulousness. In a conversation with curator Lisa Lynch, Roberta Paul explores the series’ history, meanings and subtleties.