There are two scholar affiliations for which you can apply:

  1. Visiting Scholar
  2. Dissertation Scholar

Application Materials

All applications are reviewed and evaluated by the applications committee, which includes scholars and Brandeis faculty members, and are presented to the director for discussion and final approval.

Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars join a vibrant scholarly community at the WSRC and have the benefits of institutional affiliation with Brandeis University. While Visiting Scholars do not receive a stipend, they are eligible to apply for work space at the Center, to present work-in-progress, join a study group, and apply to be a Scholar partner to a Brandeis undergraduate student in the Student-Scholar Partnership Program. Visiting Scholars may be in residence for up to a year, but may come for a shorter window of time (e.g. a single semester, two months in the summer, etc.) The position is renewable for an additional year.>

Visiting Scholar Application

Dissertation Scholars

This affiliation is appropriate for scholars who are in the final stages of completing their dissertation. This is a one-year maximum affiliation with no opportunity to renew.

Dissertation Scholar Application