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SSP Partnership List

Fall 2017

Prepared by Kristen Mullin, SSPP Coordinator

1. Pnina Abir-Am (Resident Scholar) and Arielle Levisohn (Student) – The Role of Women Scientists in the Discovery of RNA Splicing

Description: This project seeks to highlight the role of women scientists in the discovery of RNA-splicing (1977) and clarify why such a role is not well known. Women scientists served as first and other co-authors in all the major teams who first published the discovery, yet no women were included in awards, such as the Nobel Prize, given for this discovery in 1993. The project seeks to understand how gender, ethnicity, and age bias, as well as collaborative choices with lab directors, spouses, and other colleagues affect the women's access to discovery. The project also aims to convert historical research into the discovery into an argument for social justice so as to improve the recognition given to women for their role in discoveries.  The project also seeks to clarify the historical period of the discovery, (1977) as a transition era influenced by the affirmative action legislation of 1972.

2. Mary Berg (Resident Scholar) and Talia Franks (Student) –  South American Literature Translation and Interpretation for Different Audiences

Description: Translating into English works of fiction by Clara Ronderos, Goran Tocilovic, Francisco García González, Laidi Fernández – all famous and important South American Authors.

3. Susan Eisenberg (Resident Scholar) and Devi Acharya (Student) – On Equal Terms: Gender and Solidarity

Description: On Equal Terms: Gender & Solidarity is a web-based, interactive art exhibition with a Landing Page and 12 unique rooms about women who work in the construction trades (still 2.5% of the workforce after almost four decades). Based on a touring 900-square-foot mixed-media art installation, On Equal Terms (combining audio, poetry, photographs, 3-D mixed media, witness, artifacts), that first exhibited in Brandeis’ Kniznick Gallery, the website is set to launch April 2018, to coincide with the 40th anniversary of federal affirmative action. Student Partner will assist me, the Curator/Researcher/Artist, working with a team that includes a Lead Developer in Brooklyn and Graphic Designer in Ann Arbor.

4. Janet Freedman (Resident Scholar) and Sivan Ben-Hayun and Laura Katz (Students, 25 hours each) –  “Feminism and Zionism: Incompatible? Says Who?” Political Discourse

Description: This project will be focusing on the feminism /Zionism controversy. Scholar was looking for a Student Scholar Partner who can assist me in gaining ever greater understanding which can lead to constructive conversations that transcend the "right"/"left" dichotomies that often characterize discussions of Israel/Palestine. I am seeking a student scholar partner who will help me gain and share with others a deeper understanding of which can lead to constructive conversations that transcend the "right"/"left" dichotomies that often characterize discussions of Israel/Palestine. deeper understanding of this phenomenon, searching for information in print and social media as well as uncovering analyses in scholarly articles.

5. Margaret Gullette (Resident Scholar) and Danielle Rock (Student) -  Ending Ageism, Marketing and Publicity; related essays, Website, and articles

Description: Ending Ageism is this Scholar’s latest book in age studies on ageism in the United States, published in August 2017.  Publicizing the book through articles, essays, blogs, a Website, and direct emails to potential readers aims to help the book find its audiences-- young and old, in and out of universities, and especially in “Aging” centers and extension courses for older adults

6. Kia Hall (Resident Scholar) and Daniela Julivic Marquez (Student )  - Ereba Images: Cassava Bread-Making among the Garifuna of Honduras 

Description: Thi s Scholar is completing a book of images from fieldwork (2011-2012) that involved working with Garifuna women who make ereba, or cassava bread. The Spanish-English final product will be distributed in the Garifuna communities where she conducted research. Ultimately, Scholar plans to curate a small exhibit at the Kniznick Gallery that would include images from her research trip as well as the return to trip (in the coming year) to distribute copies of the photo book.

7. Amelia LeClair (Resident Scholar) and Dominique Norgaisse (Student) – Creation of a musical performance edition of Dame Ethel Smyth's Mass in D

Description: Create a performance edition with Sibelius software. Work with a fellow musician on Ethel Smyth’s Mass in D, one of the great larger works by a great woman for chorus, soloists, and orchestra. Editing credits available.

8. Ruth Nemzoff  (Resident Scholar) and Juliana An and Eliana Padwa  (Student, 25 hours each) –  Jewish Family and Life Advice Columnist and Writer

Description: Scholar and Student will Tweet and write several speeches, Facebook, and blog posts. They will continue to write a monthly advice column for the American Israelite. In addition, Scholar will be working with the Hadassah Brandies Institute on educating the Jewish community on the current controversies on Judaism and Feminism.

9. Linda Pololi (Resident Scholar) and Alexander Feldman (Student) – Resident Physician Vitality: Presentation of Research Data at a National Conference.

Description: The National Initiative on Gender, Culture and Leadership in Medicine – known as “C - Change” for culture change – is seeking an intern to help prepare and disseminate the results of an ongoing national study on the learning culture for physicians in training (residents) in US teaching hospitals, and how the culture affects their vitality. The study includes C - Change survey results collected last year from 1708 physicians training in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Surgery, and seeks to understand differences in experiences by gender and minority status. Responsibilities will include developing tables and charts to display results, and creating PowerPoint slides for a research presentation at the annual national meeting of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), and other dissemination activities.

10. Karen Rosenthal (Resident Scholar) and Amelie de Germay de Cirfontaine (Student) – Fine Art Photography: Marketing and Workshops in the Digital Age

Description:  Scholar needs a Student to assist/brainstorm strategies for  using social media to promote the fine art photography workshops she teaches, a major show she has curated and her fine art photography in general.

11. Phoebe Schnitzer (Resident Scholar) and Lily Elderkin (Student) -  Survey of Pre-College Sexual Education Curricula: Undergraduates rate their Experiences

Description: The Survey addresses the nature and quality of pre-college sex education as perceived by undergrads at Brandeis and UMass Lowell. Students share their recommendations as to desirable sex/growth ed programs for high school students. Their views add crucial information to the ongoing national debates about sex ed curricula.

12. Susan Wilson (Resident Scholar) and Arianna Unger  (Student) – Women and Children First: The Remarkable Life of Dr. Susan Dimock

Description: Though her name lives on in Roxbury's Dimock Street and in the Dimock Center that still straddles that road, Susan Dimock’s (1847-75) important story has been essentially unknown in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. To her contemporaries in Boston of the 1870s, however, she was known as a strong, selfless pioneer in American medicine —among the first group of physicians to provide professional health care by, and for, women, and one of the finest, most respected surgeons (male or female) in Massachusetts. Scholar and Student are working on the first full-length biography of her life.