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SSP Annual Journal

Welcome to the Spring 2016 Student-Scholar Journal!

Before you begin to read about our accomplishments, please take a moment and imagine an outdoor dinner party under the stars with delicious international food served in multi-courses.  A party where the guests discuss an array of topics such as Ageism,  Religion,  Art,  Social Policy,  Mongolian Politics,  Women in Science,  Family Relationships, and Creativity – all with an underlying base of feminism.  The comments that are spoken, the thoughts that are created, and the ideas that swirl are mesmerizing to behold.  This is the SSP and these details are what make the SSP such a delectable and inviting space to inhabit.

Our Scholars and Students are an eclectic mix of people, all with a commonality of intelligence and deep curiosity about the world around them.  Our partnerships focus on issues important to them and our collective society.  Their attention to detail and ability to weave narratives and fact together bring new insights for us all.  The Student-Scholar Partnership is a space of creativity and ingenuity, and we are proud of it.  Many results have been published, and this year, some partnerships presented their hard work and ideas to the public. 

More than facts and statistics though, the SSP births relationships with depth.   Many of our Scholars and Student partners continue to maintain professional and personal relationships long after the semester ends.  We are proud we have been able to foster such an encouraging and meaningful environment – examples of some feelings about this from our students can be found on our ”Notable Quotes” pages of this Journal beginning on page six.

The Student-Scholar Partnership would like to thank our generous donors,  the unwavering support of WSRC Founding Director Shulamit Reinharz, the incredibly encouraging WSRC Scholar community, and of course, the Brandeis community for its assistance and enthusiasm. 


Kristen Mullin,  Program Coordinator, Student Scholar Partnership Program  (SSP)

We are very proud to announce the Spring Journal 2016  is now available online.  Please read it through to discover some of the ways the Student-Scholar Partnership (SSP) is working to enrich our world and daily lives.  Employing thoughtful, insightful and enlightening methods of research and action, as well as commendable mentoring, the SSP has had a brilliant year of learning and growth.

Spring Journal 2016


 The SSP created its first academic journal during the 2007-08 academic year.  The SSPP Journal is a place where information on our work is stored. Our goal is to make this information accessible to others who wish to gain a sense of SSP's mission and see results from the program. 

The annual spring journal consists of writings about the projects of the spring semester, the work involved in each, and the impact the projects will have upon completion. Each essay is written by the student and/or scholar of each project, including a few from the previous Fall semester.

We encourage you to download and read the journals to gain a deeper understanding of the types of relationships the SSP fosters, and to get a sense of some of the groundbreaking and creative work done by our scholars and students.