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The Ethics Center Celebrates its 20th Anniversary!Ethics Center logo

In 2018, the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life celebrates its 20th year! The anniversary celebration took place on Monday, March 12. There was a symposium, a reception, and a performance. Full details here. Read a BrandeisNOW story here.

The 2017 Sorensen Fellowship Anthology is now available onlinesorensencover2017

Read about the experiences of 2017 Sorensen Fellows in Progress in Process: Stories of Growth Towards Justice. View all Sorensen Anthologies here. Learn more about the Sorensen Fellowship here.

'DEIS Impact 2018: A Weeklong "Festival of Social Justice"logo

Brandeis University’s seventh annual weeklong "festival of social justice" was a great success! Students, professors, clubs, and academic departments hosted dozens of events, including talks, workshops, performances, exhibits, and discussions. Learn more about 'DEIS Impact here!

Second Cohort of ENACT Fellows has been announcedenactmap

The 13 new ENACT Faculty Fellows come from colleges and universities across the United States. They join 16 Faculty Fellows who are teaching courses that engage students in hands-on study and work related to state-level legislation. Read about the newest ENACT Fellows here. Learn more about ENACT: The Educational Network for Active Civic Transformation here.

Winter/Spring 2018 Ethics Central Newsletter is now availablecover

The Winter/Spring 2018 Ethics Central Newsletter is now available online. View or download it here.

From the Ethics Center Staff: Recommended Books from the Year pimparebook

The December installment of "Ethical Inquiry" includes a list of recommended books published in the last year on topics related to the work of the Ethics Center and by people affiliated with the Center. See the list of recommended books here.

Gittler Prize Winner Kimberlé Crenshaw at Brandeiscrenshaw

Winner of the Joseph B. and Toby Gittler Prize, Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, was in residence at Brandeis University from Monday, 10/23 through Wednesday, 10/25. On Wednesday, 10/25, Crenshaw spoke at the Grand Opening Ribbon-cutting of the Richman/Gittler Library Corner before delivering the Gittler Lecture: "Race, Reform, Retrenchment Redux: Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality Beyond Post Racialism". More information about Crenshaw's visit is available here.

Complete Ad Hoc Tribunals Oral History Collection now availableoralhistory

All of the interviews conducted as part of the Ad Hoc Tribunals Oral History Project are now available to the public. The Oral History Project aims to preserve the voices of those individuals who worked to bring justice to areas of conflict. More information about the completion of the project is available here. The full collection can be accessed here.

Advocacy for Policy Change Anthology is now published and available onlineadvocacycover

The 2017 edition of Advocacy for Policy Change: Brandeis students work to reform Massachusetts law, which features the work of student teams from the spring 2017 Advocacy for Policy Change (LGLS 161b) course is now published. View the full publication here. Read more about Advocacy for Policy Change at Brandeis here.

ENACT Student Delegates begin their second semester of strengthening the ENACT networkenactlogo

Four alumni of ENACT courses across the country are serving as the first ENACT Student Delegates this academic year. Read about the ENACT Student Delegates here. Learn more about ENACT: The Educational Network for Active Civic Transformation here

Concluding and Celebrating 20 Years of the Sorensen Fellowship

The Ethics Center concluded the Sorensen Fellowship program in December 2017, capping off 20 years of supporting incredibly talented, dedicated Brandeis undergraduates in ethics-related summer internships in the U.S. and abroad.

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The Educational Network for Active Civic Transformation
  • A new national program to engage young people in state-level legislative change. Details.
  • 29 Faculty Fellows from colleges and universities across the country have joined Brandeis in the ENACT network.
  • Four alumni of ENACT courses from across the country have been selected as the first cohort of ENACT Student Delegates

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