{"items": [{"priority": "1", "title": "Find yourself in art this weekend", "summary": "This year's festival highlights include performances by the Hungry March Band and Livingston Taylor. ", "teaser": "See the full schedule.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/fota-2014/fota-2014.jpg", "alt": ""}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/fota-2014/fota-2014-82x82.jpg", "alt": ""}, "color": "", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/arts/festival/schedule/index.html"},{"priority": "2", "title": "Dream On", "summary": "Brandeis' MFA actors devise their own works for the stage, inspired by everything from superheroes to superstitions.", "teaser": "Read more.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/10x10/10x10-978x370.jpg", "alt": ""}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/10x10/10x10-82x82.jpg", "alt": ""}, "color": "#000000", "target": "_self", "story": "/feature/story/ten-by-ten.html"},{"priority": "0", "title": "Experience makes all the difference", "summary": "HSSP students go to the front lines of health care and the halls of government to help people around the world.", "teaser": "Read more", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/hssp/hssp-978x370.jpg", "alt": ""}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/hssp/hssp-82x82.jpg", "alt": ""}, "color": "#1d1f46", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2014/january/hssp.html"},{"priority": "0", "title": "Global Brigade captures Brandeisian spirit in action", "summary": "President Marsha Patel ’14 and her brigadiers make a real and lasting impact.", "teaser": "Read more", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/global-brigade/globalbrigades-978x370.jpg", "alt": ""}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/global-brigade/globalbrigades-82x82.jpg", "alt": ""}, "color": "#000000", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2014/march/globalbrigades.html"},{"priority": "0", "title": "The epistemology of scientific crackpottery", "summary": "Professor Chris Miller talks con artists, charlatans and heretics.", "teaser": "Read more", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/miller/miller-978x370.jpg", "alt": ""}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/miller/miller-82x82.jpg", "alt": ""}, "color": "#650000", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2014/march/millerqa.html"},{"priority": "0", "title": "Going the Distance", "summary": "Track-and-field star Mohamed Sidique '15 has overcome obstacles that would have sidelined most competitors.", "teaser": "Read the Brandeis Magazine article", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/mo-sidique/mo-978x370.jpg", "alt": ""}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/mo-sidique/mo-82x82.jpg", "alt": ""}, "color": "#375394", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/magazine/2014/winter/the-brief/sidique.html"},{"priority": "0", "title": "Leslie Lamport, PhD'72, wins the A.M. Turing Award", "summary": "Alumnus and scientist honored with the 'Nobel Prize of Computing.'", "teaser": "Read more", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/lamport/lamport-978x370.jpg", "alt": ""}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/lamport/lamport-82x82.jpg", "alt": ""}, "color": "#67362b", "target": "_blank", "story": "http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/news/features/lamport-031814.aspx"},{"priority": "0", "title": "Clinton, Mozart and me", "summary": "Nate Shaffer '16, founder of the undergraduate composers collective, recalls how he found his calling.", "teaser": "Read more", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/shaffer/schaffer978.jpg", "alt": ""}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/shaffer/schaffer82x82.jpg", "alt": ""}, "color": "#5b8189", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2014/march/shaffer.html"},{"priority": "0", "title": "Musicians rock at audiovisual integration", "summary": "Avi Aizenman ’13 seeks to understand relationship between sight and sound.", "teaser": "Read more", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/aizenman/aizenman-978x370.jpg", "alt": ""}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/aizenman/aizenman-82x82.jpg", "alt": ""}, "color": "#351d33", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2014/april/aizenman.html"}]}