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Photo of the American flag stretched across gray pavement; under the flag are a partial view of the black duffle bag and sneakers
He doesn’t want people to have to walk in his shoes
DACA advocate Elias Rosenfeld '20 won’t stop until immigrants like him secure their future.
An illustration of a director's chair, microphone, light and bullhorn shaded in blue' the light casts a male symbol and overlaps a red spotlight that casts a woman symbol
Hollywood’s Chief Agitation Officer
Activist blogger Melissa Silverstein ’89 sounds a clarion call for gender equality in the film and TV industry.
A transparent profile of a person's head with multi-color wires twisted in the shape of a brain with two wires exiting the back of the neck
The Next Big Thing
New cancer drugs? Better student loans? Brandeis entrepreneurs are hatching ideas and building companies that may change the world.

A Beautiful Place to Learn

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Brandeis University

Challenging the status quo since 1948

  • Eleanor Roosevelt
    Brandeis Then: Eleanor Roosevelt

    Brandeis Board member. Feminist. Force to be reckoned with.

  • Anita Hill. Photo by Tony Cenicola/The New York Times/Redux
    Brandeis Now: Anita Hill

    University Professor. Feminist. Force to be reckoned with.