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Commencement 2017 ceremony with President Ron Liebowitz at the podium speaking
Commencement 2017
Brandeis' 66th Commencement was a day of reflection, inspiration, thanks and joy
Four Brandeis students posing outside in the fall
The Act of Discovery
See how theater arts seniors create their Senior Festival presentations, from original research to working with professional mentors.
Marcelo Brociner '18
Finding his flow at Brandeis
Marcelo Brociner '18 is an anthropology and international and global studies major and a budding hip-hop mogul.

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The interior of the Shapiro Science Center

A beautiful place to learn

“The most important political office is that of the private citizen.”

Louis D. Brandeis

The Waltham Group was founded in 1966 in response to student activism and in recognition of the university's responsibility to be engaged in the community. Habitat for Humanity is one of 20 student-led community service initiatives that are part of the Waltham Group.