{"items": [{"priority": "1", "title": "Peering inside the brains of football players", "summary": "A Brandeis student's scientific paper offers new insight into concussions in athletes.", "teaser": "Read about Madeline Engeler's research.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/concussion-research/concussion-research-978.jpg", "alt": "Two football players colliding"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/concussion-research/concussion-research-82.jpg", "alt": "Peering inside the brains of football players"}, "color": "#252c61", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2015/december/football-concussion-research.html"},{"priority": "2", "title": "Ruth Bader Ginsburg visits campus", "summary": "One hundred years to the day Louis Brandeis was nominated to the Supreme Court, Ginsburg reflected on his legacy.", "teaser": "Read the full coverage.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/ginsburg-event-recap/ginsburg-event-recap-978.jpg", "alt": "The stage at the Brandeis Centennial kick off event, Jan. 28 2016"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/ginsburg-event-recap/ginsburg-event-recap-82.jpg", "alt": "Ruth Bader Ginsburg visits campus in celebration of Brandeis' Supreme Court appointment"}, "color": "#232d48", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2016/january/ginsburg-ldb-100.html"},{"priority": "3", "title": "Don't miss 'Deis Impact!", "summary": "The fifth annual weeklong festival of social justice runs through Feb. 7.", "teaser": "Visit the 'Deis Impact website for details.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/deis-impact-2016/deis-impact-978.jpg", "alt": "Make an impact!"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/deis-impact-2016/deis-impact-82.jpg", "alt": "Don't miss Deis Impact!"}, "color": "", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/ethics/deisimpact/index.html"},{"priority": "3", "title": "American Sage", "summary": "A century after his appointment to the Supreme Court, Louis Brandeis is more relevant than ever.", "teaser": "Read the story in Brandeis Magazine.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/louis-brandeis-magazine/louis-brandeis-magazine-978.jpg", "alt": "Justice Brandeis illustration by Peter Strain"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/louis-brandeis-magazine/louis-brandeis-magazine-82.jpg", "alt": "American Sage"}, "color": "", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/magazine/2016/winter/featured-stories/ldb100.html"},{"priority": "3", "title": "Still Learning from Louis: Lisa Lynch", "summary": "Hear from students, alums and faculty why Justice Brandeis speaks to them.", "teaser": "Watch the video series.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/still-learning-from-louis/still-learning-lynch-978.jpg", "alt": "Interim President Lisa Lynch"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/still-learning-from-louis/still-learning-lynch-82.jpg", "alt": "Still Learning from Louis: Lisa Lynch"}, "color": "", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/ldb-100/still-learning-from-louis/lisa-lynch.html"},{"priority": "3", "title": "An inspiring life", "summary": "Professor Daniel Breen and students have created a timeline that offers visitors an intimate peek into Louis Brandeis’ Supreme Court appointment.", "teaser": "Find out more about the exhibition.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/brandeis-timeline/ldb-archives-978.jpg", "alt": "Two students looking at Louis D. Brandeis archival material"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/brandeis-timeline/ldb-archives-82.jpg", "alt": "Timeline offers intimate peek into Louis Brandeis’ Supreme Court appointment"}, "color": "#2d3656", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2016/january/louis-brandeis-timeline.html"},{"priority": "0", "title": "DNA dumpster diving", "summary": "Biologist Nelson Lau is pursuing a transformation of how we think about the human genome.", "teaser": "Read the Q&A with Nelson Lau.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/junk-dna/junk-dna-978.jpg", "alt": ""}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/junk-dna/junk-dna-82.jpg", "alt": ""}, "color": "#2e506b", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2016/january/lau-junk-dna.html"}]}