{"items": [{"priority": "1", "title": "Aiming for the stars", "summary": "Neuroscience professor Shantanu Jadhav gazes at the heavens with new sharpness thanks to the Wellington Prize, a uniquely Brandeis tradition.", "teaser": "Learn more about Jadhav and the prize.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/wellington-award-jadhav/wellington-award-978.jpg", "alt": "Neuroscience professor Shantanu Jadhav"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/wellington-award-jadhav/wellington-award-82.jpg", "alt": ""}, "color": "#38392b", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2016/september/wellington-prize-jadhav.html"},{"priority": "2", "title": "Making progress in the fight against ALS", "summary": "Brandeis professor Avital Rodal's research represents a significant breakthrough in understanding the disease.", "teaser": "Read more about Rodal's discovery.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/avital-rodal-als/avital-rodal-als-research-978.jpg", "alt": "Professor Avital Rodal in the lab with two Brandeis students."}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/avital-rodal-als/avital-rodal-als-research-82.jpg", "alt": "Making progress in the fight against ALS"}, "color": "", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2016/august/ALS-vesicles-rodal.html"},{"priority": "0", "title": "Spinning his wheels", "summary": "Michael Burtov '02 is the founder of GeoOrbital, a start-up that’s getting ready to distribute its first batch of electric bicycle wheels.", "teaser": "Read more about Michael and GeoOrbital.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/geoorbital-michal-burtov/geoorbital-978.jpg", "alt": "Michael Burtov '02 poses with GeoOrbital wheels."}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/geoorbital-michal-burtov/geoorbital-82.jpg", "alt": "The wheels are turning – electrically – for Michael Burtov '02"}, "color": "#27284e", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2016/august/michael-burtov-profile.html"},{"priority": "0", "title": "Fall exhibitions open at the Rose", "summary": "Don't miss the Museum's fall exhibitions, featuring works by Sarah Sze, David Shrigley and more. ", "teaser": "Get a sneak peek.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/rose-opening-fall-2016/rose-fall-opening-timekeeper-sarah-sze-978.jpg", "alt": "Sarah Sze, Timekeeper, 2016"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/rose-opening-fall-2016/rose-fall-opening-timekeeper-sarah-sze-82.jpg", "alt": "The Rose opens tonight"}, "color": "", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2016/september/rose-fall-preview.html"},{"priority": "0", "title": "Carving a niche in the pop world", "summary": "Jenny Cheng '14 and Rose Del Vecchio '14 channel their love of pop culture into a business that empowers women.", "teaser": "Learn more about FanMail.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/fan-mail/fan-mail-978.jpg", "alt": "Jenny Cheng ‘14, Rose Del Vecchio ‘14, Jamie Broadnax (BlackGirlNerds), and author Sam Maggs on the “Fangirls Lead the Way” panel at New York Comic Con 2015"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/fan-mail/fan-mail-82.jpg", "alt": "Carving a niche in the pop world"}, "color": "#0c0d12", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2016/september/fanmail-boxes-bnow.html"}]}