The "Spirit of International Law" is entirely student run:

  • Dave Benger '14
  • Anastasia Austin '14
  • Alisa Partlan '15
  • Eli Siegel '14

The Spirit of International Law


"The Spirit of an International Law" is a brand new journal that explores the value of international law and international justice mechanisms from an interdisciplinary perspective.

We actively seek contributions that deal with international courts and tribunals and other transitional justice mechanisms, and we will accept work that evaluates international justice more broadly. Though we will accept work from early career specialists in the fields of political science and law, we are particularly interested in promoting the work of young scholars from other disciplines (such as history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, etc.)

Based at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, the "Spirit of International Law" will be published annually with the support of the International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life.

First Issue

Letters of Support for the mission of our journal
  • Karen Corrie and Ambassador Tiina Intelmann (foreword)
  • Professor Richard Gaskins (our adviser)
  • Luis Moreno Ocampo (writing about the value of the ICC in creating a 3rd option for the "bombing or nothing" dilemma)
Articles (working titles)
  • "International Criminal Tribunals and Non-Government Organizations: A Partnership to Ensure Global Justice" by Frances Nguyen (Lewis & Clark Law School)
  • "Justice After Empire: The Need for Justice in a Post-Colonial World" by Andrew Bethke (Brandeis University, Comparative Humanities)
  • "Progressionism: Using Maslow to Improve International Justice: by Michael Lenihan (Columbia University, SIPA)
  • "The Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice: The Limits of an NGO's Capacity" by Ashlee Hypolite (The Philanthropic Initiative)
  • "Where There's Political Will, There's a Way: Assessing the Potential for Criminal Prosecutions in Syria: by David Benger (University of Leiden, Grotius Center for International Legal Studies)
  • "Giving the Children a Voice: Minors and the International Justice System" by Beneva Davies (Human Rights Watch)
  • A first person reflection by Omer Ismail, Senior Advisor to the Enough Project (to the end the genocide in Darfur) and Mason Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  • A first person reflection by Bhavani Fonseka, Senior Researcher at the Centre for Policy Alternatives in Sri Lanka and Mason Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School
  • Interview with Judge Howard Morrison (International Criminal Court), conducted by Anastasia Austin (Brandeis University)
  • Interview with Professor Victor Peskin (Arizona State University), conducted by Anastasia Austin (Brandeis University)