Center Board Members Meet with Brandeis Students

On March 15, 2004, the Center’s International Advisory Board convened at Brandeis University for their annual meeting. During a luncheon at the Brandeis Faculty club dining room, Board members were joined by a selected group of undergraduates for a series of intimate and lively conversations on issues ranging from campus life to international law. Sitting in small groups, board members and students had the unique opportunity to learn from one another. Diego Arria, former Ambassador to the United Nations for Venezuela, chatted in Spanish with an undergraduate studying South American politics. Students from sociology and politics met with Chief Justice Margaret Marshall of the Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts. Board members gained insight into how the work of the Center impacts the campus community and were enthused by the passion and spirit of these future leaders. Students commented that it was a very memorable moment for them. They had an opportunity to meet with individuals they had learned about in class. One student said, “It was amazing, talking with them about making a difference in the world! I was inspired by their optimism about us [the students] and the future.”