NGOs at the Table: Strategies for Influencing Policies in Areas of Conflict, a new publication edited by Mari Fitzduff and Cheyanne Church is now available

NGOs At The Table

NGOs at the Table examines a number of NGOs, diverse in size, location, and financial means, that have successfully influenced both policy and program development in conflicts throughout the world. It explores why these organizations decided to embark upon a strategic campaign to influence the policy making process, as well as outlines the issues addressed and the tactics used. A unique and much needed resource for NGO's wishing to extend their own capacities in the field of policy making, this book will prove valuable for any policy maker wishing to take advantage of the unique capacities that NGOs contribute to the field of conflict prevention, management and resolution.

216 pages; 0-7425-2848-0,
$70.00 cloth; 0-7425-2849-9, $26.95 paper