First Ethics and Coexistence Student Fellows Reunion

On a crisp autumn day in October 2004, the first reunion of Ethics and Coexistence Student Fellows (ECSF) was held in conjunction with Alumni Leadership Weekend and Homecoming Weekend at Brandeis. ECSF alumni Jocelyn Berger and Jennifer Lewey met with current ECSFs Dan Ludevig, Amy Schiller, and Lisa Kim, who had returned from their summer internships just a few months before. Alumni Trang Nguyen and Nikki Evans planned to attend but were unable to come at the last minute.

imageThe ECSF reunion began with a presentation by current ECSFs to Alumni Leaders. These Leaders, representatives of Brandeis in their communities nationwide, wanted to hear about interesting things happening at Brandeis since their student days, to inform the Brandeis network in their communities. Dan Ludevig shared some of his experiences teaching creative, not imitative, painting techniques to students in the Reyum Institute for Arts & Culture in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Amy Schiller talked about the process of examining her own identity as a white Jewish American female in post-apartheid Johannesburg, South Africa. The Alumni Leaders, who seemed to miss the intellectual challenge of college life, engaged the ECSFs in a lively Q & A discussion.

Retiring to the new home of the Center, the ECSF reunion next included a tour of the newly-renovated Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex, the "Shapiro-Plex." Having only moved to the building a month before, in the middle a busy academic semester, it was clear that staff members were still settling in to their newly-renovated location.

Finally, the former and current Fellows had a casual conversation over refreshments, sharing their thoughts about post-ECSF life. Alumni talked about how to capitalize on ECSF experiences for pursuing careers and/or further education. Assistant Director Marci McPhee engaged the ECSFs in a discussion about possible future directions for the ECSF program and potential plans for the 10th anniversary of the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life in 2007-8.