The Iraq Memory Foundation

The Prime Minister of Iraq, Dr. Ayad Allawi, has approved that the Iraq Memory Foundation will conduct the needed humanitarian documentation mission of the nation. The Iraq Memory Foundation was founded by Center Faculty Associate, Kanan Makiya. The Iraq Memory Foundation will achieve this mission by collecting all documents of abuse committed by the defunct regime against citizens and homeland; by recording the live testimonies of those who suffered injustice; and by preserving Iraqi works of art generated in this dark chapter, whether in the form of resistance to the actions of the regime, or in the form of apologetics strengthening its oppressive character. The Iraq Memory Foundation shall establish a national institution located in the center of Baghdad, at the Ceremonial Parade Grounds and the Arches of Victory, to gather these [testimonies and artifacts. This institution will be a landmark in the capital, open to all citizens, and shall be a national endowment. The Iraq Memory Foundation shall prepare, design, execute, and manage it.

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