The Curtis International Council Fund to support "Telling the Story"

The Center is pleased to announce that it has received a grant from the Curtis International Council Fund to assist in the organization of "Telling the Story: The Power and Responsibility of Documenting Human Rights Violations." This conference will break new ground in defining the issues surrounding the ways that human rights abuses are reported and the purposes this reporting serves. This topic has enormous significance for the way that Americans, and other global citizens, view the world and its performance in the field of human rights. The event, which will take on September 15-16, 2005, will bring together practitioners who produce or use documentation of violations–such as journalists, filmmakers, artists, human rights activists, aid experts, and legal practitioners–with scholars who approach it from theoretical perspectives–such as legal scholars, women’s studies scholars, anthropologists, and historians.

"Telling the Story" has three principal aims: 1) to promote an elevated awareness of the complex processes and decisions that go into documenting human rights violations, thus helping the consumers of such documents to analyze and interpret them with thoughtfulness and skepticism; 2) to provide an opportunity for practitioners of human rights documentation to explore systematically these processes and decisions in a multidisciplinary framework; and 3) to highlight Africa in such an exploration, given that many of the most prominent human rights violations of the past decade, as well as some of the most provocative documentation of these violations, have taken place there.

The event is a collaborative effort by Brandeis University, Wellesley College, and Tufts University. It will be open to students and faculty from all of these institutions, as well as to the broader academic and practitioner community in the Boston area. The main outcome of this event will be a publication of the proceedings, available both in print and online.