The Center welcomes new Board members

The Center is pleased to welcome three new members to its International Advisory Board. New members, Hans Corell, diplomat and jurist; Margo Jefferson ’68, The New York Times theater and arts critic; and Shiranee Tilakawardane, Supreme Court Justice of Sri Lanka, will join Center Staff and members of the board for the 2005 Annual Board Meeting at the Brandeis House in New York City, NY in March.

Hans Corell served as Under Secretary General for Legal Affairs and the Legal Counsel of the United Nations from March 1994 to March 2004. In this capacity, he was head of the Office of Legal Affairs in the United Nations Secretariat. Before joining the United Nations, he was Ambassador and Under Secretary for Legal and Consular Affairs in his native Sweden’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1984 to 1994. Corell holds board memberships in several Swedish legal societies. He is the author of many publications, including "The European Convention on Human Rights: Swedish Experiences–Thoughts for the Future," which appeared in Studies in International Law; "Legal Advisers Meet at United Nations Headquarters" and "Third Legal Advisers Meeting at United Nations Headquarters in New York," both published in the American Journal of International Law.

Margo Jefferson was appointed critic-at-large at The New York Times in 1996, after having served as Sunday theater critic since January 1995. She was a lecturer and taught American literature, performing arts criticism, writing, and English at Columbia University from 1991 to 1993. Previously, she was an assistant professor in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at New York University. She was also a contributing editor at Vogue and 7 Days magazine. Jefferson has been a contributing critic to Grand Street, The Nation, The New York Times Book Review, The Village Voice, Ms., The Soho Weekly News, Dance Ink, Lear’s, Harper’s, Alt, Denmark, and NRC Handelsblad from the Netherlands. In April 1995, Jefferson was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for criticism.

Shiranee Tilakawardane, a Supreme Court judge in Sri Lanka, was the first woman appointed as a Court of Appeal judge in Sri Lanka. Previously, she was a high court judge and an admiralty court judge. Tilakawardane’s efforts are focused on the fields of equality, gender education, and child rights. She has been active in Sakshi of India’s gender workshops for judges, the Asia Pacific Forum for Gender Education for Judges, and serves on the International Panel of Judges for the Child Rights Bureau.