CI Article Cited in Journal

March 25, 2009

The article "Reflection: What We’ve Learned from Working Together at the Intersection of Transitional Justice and Coexistence," Transitional Justice Monitor 1(2) (2008), co-authored by Jessica Berns, Coexistence International (CI) program director, and Abdul Wahab Musah, was cited in the current issue of the International Journal of Transitional Justice, a journal of the Oxford University Press. The Transitional Justice Monitor, published by CI's partner organization, the Center for Democratic Development in Ghana, examines issues of transitional justice in the West Africa sub-region as well as the nexus of transitional justice processes and coexistence/peacebuilding.

"We hope this shows we are successfully influencing key stakeholders while promoting a complementary approach to coexistence work – one of our core missions," says John Lewis Moore, CI's program manager. "It is also a nice acknowledgment of Jessica's contribution to the field."

The citation appears in "(Re)Imagining Coexistence: Striving for Sustainable Return, Reintegration and Reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina," by Human Haider and may be found here. The Coexistence International article cited may be found here.