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March 2017

Richman Distinguished Fellow in Public Life Award Presentation and Lecture by Rev. Jeffrey L. Brown (3/22)
The Richman Fellowship is coordinated by the Ethics Center on behalf of the Office of the President of Brandeis University, cosponsored by the Department of African and Afro-American Studies; Brandeis Arts Council; Creativity, the Arts and Social Transformation (CAST); Division of Creative Arts; Department of Fine Arts; and the Rose Art Museum. Be sure to attend the March 3rd event, but first, learn more about The Richman Distinguished Fellowship in Public Life here.

January 2017

'DEIS Impact 2017 Keynote Address: "The World in You and You in the World: Identity in Action" (1/31)
This year's keynote events feature founder of the Third Wave Fund for Social Justice, Rebecca Walker. Free tickets are required in order to attend the Jan. 31 keynote address. For more information, visit the Keynote Events page, and then read more about 'DEIS Impact here.

'DEIS Impact 2017: A Weeklong "Festival of Social Justice" (1/26-2/5)
Brandeis University’s sixth annual weeklong "festival of social justice" will take place Jan. 26 - Feb. 5. Students, professors, clubs, and academic departments will host dozens of events, featuring talks, workshops, performances, exhibits, and discussions. Read more about 'DEIS Impact here!

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