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Florence Graves on NECN to discuss HBO Kerry Washington as Anita Hill in

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Schuster Institute Founding Director Florence Graves appeared on NECN April 21 to discuss HBO's "Confirmation" and the missing pieces of Angela Wright's story. Wright, played by Jennifer Hudson in the movie, was “the other woman” subpoenaed but never called by the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify about Clarence Thomas in support of Anita Hill. In the early 1990s Graves conducted 40 hours of interviews with key players in the scandal and broke the full story about Wright in a 1994 Washington Post article.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE: George D. Perrot's 24-year-old rape conviction was overturned Jan. 26 and he was freed Feb. 10. On Feb. 23, prosecutors appealed the judge's decision granting a new trial. The Schuster Institute has been investigating Perrot's claims of innocence since October 2011. Read more about the case.

NEWSLETTER: Why it's time for technical training to make a comeback; from Avian flu to Zika; why the FBI raided yeshivas; how climate change affects diet; & more!
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