Green, Greener, Greenest

Remember when the most prevalent design elements in dorms were pennants and posters? Today, 450 student rooms on campus sport a round sticker on the door, showing everyone who passes that the residents have achieved “Green Room” certification, indicating a commitment to living a sustainable life.

Thanks in part to “eco-reps” — peer educators who show others how to live with respect for the environment — student rooms routinely sport compact fluorescent light bulbs, smart power strips and reusable water bottles. Suggestions for other acts that help lead to Green Room certification are found at

Another Brandeis conservation initiative is the establishment in Deroy Hall of the first dormitory floor dedicated to environmental responsibility. Known as the “Thinking Green” floor, the area houses 21 first-year students who come together weekly for group activities like planting vegetable container gardens and maintaining the floor’s worm-composting bins.

Also new on campus is the “building dashboard,” an electronic display screen showing how much energy is being consumed in various areas of campus. Unveiled recently in the Shapiro Campus Center, the dashboard provides a graphic way to help reduce energy usage through increased awareness.

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