Did You Catch That Title?

Mike Lovett
The annotated manuscript for Joseph Heller’s 50-year-old satirical anti-war novel “Catch-22” will be the focus of an April 27 presentation in the Goldfarb Library by faculty members Steve Whitfield of American studies and Michael Gilmore of the English department. One notable note, at right, shows that an early draft of the book — given by Heller to the Brandeis Archives in 1964 — featured the working title “Catch-18.” The discussion is part of Close Looking, a new interdisciplinary series using discussion and viewing of original art and manuscripts in the Brandeis collections to illustrate relationships among the vast areas of study within the university. The series kicked off in winter with a close look at “The Czech Bride,” a painting by Natalie Frank that is featured in the Rose Art Museum exhibition “Regarding Painting,” on view in the Foster Gallery until June.
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