Gifts That Keep on Giving

From tying shoelaces to tying bonds of friendship, the Waltham Group helps Brandeisians help Waltham residents with gusto and grit: tackling homelessness and health problems, boosting student success, and acting as mentors. One of the oldest and largest student-service organizations at any U.S. university, the Waltham Group is celebrating its 50th year of doing good. Here’s a look at some of its numbers.

97,839 canned goods collected at Halloween for the Hungry over three decades.

12,400 pints of blood collected since 1985.

Number of tutoring matches each year: 45 in 1991; 150 in 2016.

75,000 math problems solved by tutors and students.

6,250 pairs of shoes tied since 1966.

15,000 granola bars eaten at after-school programs.

20,035 volunteers since 1966.

40,000 hours volunteered every year.

3,600 Scrabble games played by C2E (Companions to Elders) matches.

51,500 nails and boards used by Habitat for Humanity.

Number of parental gray hairs prevented by TIPS (Tutoring in Public Schools) volunteers: Countless.

Wackiest items auctioned since 1971: Two large cans of pickles; 12 pounds of shrimp.

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