Mark Boulos, All That Is Solid Melts into Air  Meckseper, Mall of America

LEFT: Maria Lassnig, Chairs1971. 16mm film transferred to digital, 4:00. © Maria Lassnig, distribution sixpackfilm. Right: mary reid kelley, you make me iliad, 2010. high definition video with sound, 14:49. courtesy the artist and fredericks and freiser, new york.

In works that draw upon illustration, literature, poetry, and performance as much as film and video technologies, Maria Lassnig (b.1919) and Mary Reid Kelley (b. 1979) destabilize and revise master narratives of art and history with humor and sly wit. The third iteration of Rose Video draws a link between Lassnig’s animation-based films of the early 1970s and the contemporary videos of Reid Kelley, who writes and performs lyrical, pun-filled ballads against a backdrop of black and white drawings. The joint presentation of their work charts a historical trajectory shaped both by a careful attention to craft as well as feminist critique. Lassnig and Reid Kelley build platforms for rethinking the roles held and voices raised by women, ultimately suggesting the power of the artist to rewrite and remake the stories we inherit.

Rose Video 03 will open on March 26, with an opening reception and artist talk on the evening of Tuesday, March 25.