Master's Theses



Thesis Title

Kaleigh Liebler

Navigating College Without a Stomach: A Qualitative Study Investigating CDH1 Pathogenic Variant Carrier Experiences in College Post-Gastrectomy

Delany Berry

Comparing cancer genetic counseling services offered at main hospitals versus satellite clinics in the United States

Jesika Smith

Transfer of Care in the SMA Community: Patient perspectives of adult and pediatric care settings

Rebecca Clark

Characterizing Effective Familial Communication of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk: Longitudinal Reflections of ConnectMyVariant Participants

Ellie Gondran

The Offspring Experience: Understanding Family Conversations with a Diagnosis of ALS in a Parent

Kylie Butler

Recommendations for Counseling Alaska Natives/American Indians Based on Results from a Public Deliberation

Kiera Klopfenstein

The Professional Pathway for International Genetic Counseling Students in the US

Lucian Parece

Designing an Accessible Form for Pre-Session Education of Cancer Genetic Counseling Patients

Silvana Davila

Genetic counselor perceptions of usability and implementation of genetic carrier screening result disclosure through a virtual assistant