Shaking the Family Tree

A 21st-century biochemist puts meat on the bones of Charles Darwin’s 150-year-old discoveries.

Move Over, Einstein

Biologist James E. Haber joins the elites as he becomes the 10th living Brandeis professor elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

What Do Our Brains Have to Do With it?

Twenty-three-year-old whiz kid Eliezer J. Sternberg ’09 explores some thorny legal, moral and scientific questions in his second book, “My Brain Made Me Do It.”

Beckman Scholars Tackle Proteins and Pathogens in Leading Research Labs

Jessica Hutcheson ’11 and Phillip Braunstein ’12 wanted to be working scientists when they grew up. Thanks to a foundation’s generosity and Brandeis’ inclusion of undergrads in its cutting-edge research, they didn’t have to wait that long.

Saul G. Cohen: An Appreciation

Professor Irv Epstein pens a tribute to the first chair of Brandeis’ School of Science, who died on April 24 at age 93.

Posse Scientific Method Expands to New Programs

Irv Epstein, dubbed the “million dollar professor” in 2006 when he got a seven-figure grant to launch the university’s Science Posse program, garners another $600,000 to help nurture minority science students, and he knows just how to spend it.