Laura Browder, Ph.D.’94, is the Tyler and Alice Haynes Chair in American Studies and English at the University of Richmond.

Charles Drum, Ph.D.’95, a leader in the fields of public health and disability, was named director of the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire. He had served as the assistant director for public health, community outreach and policy at the Oregon Health and Science University’s Institute on Disability and Development.

Joyce Clifford, Ph.D.’97, president and CEO of the Institute for Nursing Healthcare Leadership, was honored at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s inaugural Joyce C. Clifford Seminar in Nursing. She was also recognized as a “visionary leader” at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing’s 60th anniversary celebration.

Erin Yale Horwitz, M.M.’98,
was named administrator of diagnostic imaging and professional services at Children’s 
Hospital of Wisconsin. She previously served as director of clinical development with Children’s Specialty Group, a joint venture between Children’s Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Ed Case, M.A.-M.M.’99, was one of 20 finalists in the national Jewish Community Heroes contest that recognizes people making strides to repair the world, starting in their own communities. The CEO of, he was number 18 on the list, receiving 6,925 votes. Ed, who was a lawyer for 22 years, has written many articles on issues related to intermarriage.

Pianist Timothy Melbinger, Ph.D.’99,
is a member of the faculty at Pennsylvania State University at Altoona. His compositions have been recorded by Centaur Records, Albany Records and Nine Winds Records.
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