Igniting Ambition

Each year, Brandeis students, faculty and staff go head to head in a unique startup competition called SPARKTank. Winners come away with funding and support that help them take their innovations to the next level. Some examples:

Nomad Dairy: Provides business and technical support to pastoralist communities in Ethiopia so they can distribute and sell camel milk, an environmentally friendly product.

ChangeCard: Creates an electronic wallet card that lets panhandlers collect donations that can be used to purchase food and goods at trusted vendors.

GreenChoice: Offers a personal shopping tool that makes it easy for consumers to choose products that align with their values.

A.K.A.: Collaborates with local artists to create clothing lines influenced by specific cultures. The story behind each article of clothing is explained on a tag sewn into the piece.

SySTEMic Flow: Helps female high-school and college students of color succeed in the sciences through pre-college courses, mentorship and practical experience.

Discover more about startups powered by a very Brandeisian style of ingenuity.