Brief Opinion: Selected Quotes Featured in the Media

“Over the past 50 years, two digital revolutions — in communication and computation — have created unprecedented wealth and transformed how we live, learn, work and play. We are now on the cusp of a third digital revolution — in fabrication — that will be equally transformative of markets and society.”

Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Heller School professor, on the future
of digital fabrication, in a MarketWatch Op-Ed (April 30).

“Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Arab world today is how relatively uncontroversial Israel has become.”

Shai Feldman, Crown Center for Middle East Studies director, on Israel’s
stabilizing force in the Arab world, in a Foreign Policy Op-Ed (March 27).

“Who’s responsible for the health and safety of this network of people now running around in their cars doing delivery work? If the platform isn’t responsible, they’re not going to think about ‘how do I create a system of safety?’”

David Weil, Heller School dean, on digital-platform services like DoorDash and Uber,
in The Boston Globe (April 26).

“Pervasive corruption invites pervasive cynicism and even political nihilism on the part of citizens — a sense that they all do it, that the system is hopelessly rigged and that politics is a sham and a futile exercise.”

— Heller School visiting professor Robert Kuttner on the rise of a bipartisan “American kleptocracy,” in a HuffPost Op-Ed (June 4).

“Business investment depends on predictable policy, and relentless chaos takes its toll even if cooler heads prevail on the policies that the president is tweeting about.”

— Brandeis International Business School professor Peter Petri on the Trump administration’s
potential trade war with China, in The New York Times (March 2).

“Ironically, today, women without children may face the highest hurdle. There is some evidence that women running for office who do not have children are judged most harshly by would-be voters because childless female candidates violate traditional expectations of women.”

— Associate professor of politics Jill Greenlee on the changing landscape for female political
candidates in the U.S., on The Conversation website (May 11).