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Planning for Graduation

Graduation is an exciting time, and we look forward to supporting you as you transition from GPS student to Brandeis graduate. As you bring your newly earned knowledge and skills to the professional world, we hope you stay in contact with your faculty, your fellow students, and the staff at GPS.

In the meantime, as you near the completion of your master's degree program or graduate certificate requirements, there are some steps you need to complete to successfully graduate.

As always, please contact your student advisor with questions or concerns, or for general questions please e-mail us at We want to assist your final tasks as a GPS student and enrich your upcoming experiences as a member of the GPS alumni.

Brandeis Commencement

Graduation Application

Congratulations on nearing the completion of your degree program! Remember, you must apply to graduate in order to receive your degree. Submit an application to graduate form and a $100 graduation fee by one of the following deadlines:

  • November 1 for February graduation
  • February 1 for May graduation
  • June 1 for August graduation

Deadlines are strictly enforced. If you miss the deadline, you must file an application for the next scheduled graduation time.

Staying in Contact

We want to continue supporting you even after you've taken your last class. As a soon-to-be graduate, you should review the services available to Graduate Professional School alumni. Stay in touch with us and with your classmates, and take advantage of the many networking opportunities that are available to you as a Brandeis graduate.

B Connect is an online service that provides access to:

  • Careers — fill an open position, find a new one or promote your new business venture
  • Directory — stay in touch with classmates
  • Class Notes — update the university community on what's happening in your life
  • My Page — post your contact information and photos
  • Events — see what's happening in your area

After graduation, register with B Connect and take advantage of these services.

We value the input of our students and alumni, and we hope that you will keep us posted on your professional and personal growth, as well as on ideas for new areas of study we might consider. Your feedback is critical to our continuing success.

May 2014's Diploma Ceremony

Next Virtual Open House

Please join us for our next Virtual Open House.  Check out our Admissions Events to see a listing of upcoming program specific Virtual Open Houses, and get connected with program chairs, current students and administrative staff at GPS.

Get Advice

Brandeis GPS is committed to giving you the support you need to succeed. From the moment you begin the application process to the day you graduate and beyond, our advising team is here to support you. Schedule a call with an enrollment advisor today.

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