Edward Goldfader ’54, of New York, a private investigator who located thousands of missing people during his career, died on July 10. He was a gifted athlete and respected community leader. He leaves his wife, Paula; two daughters, Laura and Ellen; a son, David; and three grandchildren.

Dr. Sidney Mael ’54, of Newton, Mass., a veterinarian, died on May 11. He leaves his wife, Joan, and three sons, Bruce, Chuck and Jeffrey.

William Joseph “Doc” Sweeney ’55, of Needham, Mass., died on Feb. 13. He owned a group insurance brokerage, William J. Sweeney and Associates, which he later named VIA Group Insurance. He leaves his wife, Renate; three sons, Alan, Will and Mark; and a daughter, Jane.

Raymond Koenig ’56, of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., a businessman, died on April 15. He worked as a salesman in the packaging industry before he and his wife, Doris, launched a successful printing business, Minit Print It. He also owned and raced thoroughbred horses. He leaves his wife; four daughters, Lisa, Marcia, Susan and Paula; and a brother, George.

Helene Reichenthal ’56, of Brookline, 
Mass., died on June 13. She leaves her husband, Martin ’56, and a daughter, Pamela.

Charles Petigrow ’57, of Stony Brook, N.Y., a pediatrician, died on Aug. 30. He leaves his wife, Sandra; a son, Daniel ’86; two daughters, Rebecca and Tamara; a sister, Sylvia; and six grandchildren. He was predeceased by his brother, Norman ’57. His nephew Barry Auskern ’81 also graduated from Brandeis.

David Kahalas ’59, of Needham, Mass., a lawyer known as the “gentleman of the divorce bar,” died on Aug. 25. He leaves his wife, Joanne; two sons, Jason and Jeremy; two sisters, Judith ’57 and Ann ’66; and a brother, Daniel. He was predeceased by his son Andrew. His cousin Bryna ’56 also graduated from Brandeis.