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In his half century of teaching at Brandeis, David Hackett Fischer has become one of the nation’s most respected historians and one of the university’s most influential professors.

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Girl Child in the Promised Land

Grace Majiakusi, Heller MA’13, has walked a long road to convince her Maasai village to value its women as much as its men.

Life After the Higgs

For decades physicists sought to describe the universe and the laws that govern it. They think they have found the final piece of the puzzle. Now what?

King of Angst

Daniel Smith ’99 proves that the best way to beat back the grasping tentacles of anxiety is to write a critically acclaimed, outrageously funny memoir about it.

The Brandeis Questionnaire

Founding Ms. magazine editor Letty Cottin Pogrebin '59 is a feminist, writer, political commentator, doting grandmother, Jew — in short, a lifelong social justice activist.

Calling All Alumni Fiction Writers

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