Cost and Financial Support


Tuition for the Genetic Counseling Program is set by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The most up-to-date tuition rate is available through the GSAS cost-of-attendance calculator.


All students admitted to the Master's Program in Genetic Counseling are offered a standard scholarship for both their first and second years; the scholarship is the same for all students and is not based on merit or need. The scholarship amount is typically a fixed percentage of tuition costs and increases at the same rate as tuition each year, although the final scholarship amount may be influenced by other factors for any given year.

Additional Funding

The Genetic Counseling Program provides students with additional funds to defray costs associated with fieldwork, travel for program-associated work and organization membership fees. Exact amounts may differ by year if influenced by other factors.

Funding Explanation Amount
First-year stipend To defray cost of travel to fieldwork and observations $150
Family Pals costs Reimbursement for food and travel costs. Varies
Summer internship stipend Funding may be available for students doing external internships that require them to pay for housing. Availability and amount of funding varies each year
Second-year stipend To offset costs traveling to internships and NSGC meetings. $1,800
NSGC membership Eighteen-month student membership through end of December in Year 2. $140
Research expenses Costs such as survey distribution via e-blasts, transcription services and gift-card incentives. Varies
Registration for local meetings Program covers student registration for local meetings such as the yearly Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Cancer Conference or New England Regional Genetics Group meeting. Varies