Important Program Update

The Master’s Program in Genetic Counseling will remain on admissions hiatus in the fall of 2022 while a recommendation is made through university governance structures to close the program. It is anticipated that the class of 2023 will be our last group of graduates. We realize this will be disappointing news to prospective students as it has been for us as well.  We will take this time to focus on our current students. This decision does not affect current students' training nor will it affect our ACGC program accreditation status

Pioneers in Genetic Counseling Education

As the oldest program of its kind in New England, the Brandeis Graduate Program in Genetic Counseling was the first to harness the clinical and research communities in Greater Boston to provide training for future genetic counselors.

Today, our program and its nearly 250 graduates continue to play a pivotal role in the growth of the genetic counseling profession and the evolution of the genetic counselors' contributions — not only in the clinic, but also in research, education and industry.

Our students are intelligent, insightful and motivated to learn. They come to the program with a strong science background and experience in providing counseling to people in times of crisis. They leave with the skills and knowledge to combine the two, and provide meaningful and effective genetic counseling to patients under a wide variety of circumstances and from all walks of life.

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A Disability-Focused Curriculum

As the mother of a child with a genetic condition, our program's founding director was the first to incorporate a strong focus on disability awareness into the training of genetic counselors.

Learning from individuals and families who are touched by disability or genetic disease is at the core our of students' education. From their community placements, to spending time with families, to hearing and reflecting on individual stories, our students gain valuable insights that we are confident will positively influence how they practice as genetic counselors.

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Commitment to Diversity

Brandeis University is passionate about social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion at both the undergraduate and graduate levels — and our program's values align closely with this mission. In times of racial division in our society and our profession, we are reminded that there is still work to be done and we pledge to do our part.

We continue to adapt our curriculum to foster a rich and inclusive learning environment for students from all backgrounds, cultures and experiences. Our students are trained to recognize the specific needs of different patients and families; acknowledge and address health care disparities; and work to provide genetic counseling services to all who would benefit from them.

What Makes Our Program Distinctive