Recommended Experience

We recognize that not all applicants have sufficient time or access to resources that will allow for in depth and relevant experience. However, the following list includes some of the activities we recommend to any individual who hopes to pursue a career as a genetic counselor:

Exposure to the genetic counseling profession by:
  • Shadowing in clinical and nonclinical work settings.

  • Working as a genetic counseling assistant or intern.

  • Attending seminars, informational sessions or webinars about the profession.

  • Speaking with students or faculty at a genetic counseling program.

Counseling experience working or volunteering for a:
  • Suicide/crisis hotline or text-line.

  • Domestic violence or sexual assault advocacy group.

  • Family planning organization.

Work with individuals or families with a disability or genetic condition through a(n):
  • Experience in your personal life.

  • Summer camp for children with special needs.

  • Advocacy organization.

Educational experience as a:
  • Teacher.

  • Tutor or teacher's assistant.

Research work in:
  • Undergraduate or graduate courses or internships.

  • Postgraduate employment.

Professional presentations or publications