Important update for 2023 admissions

Brandeis will not participate in the 2023 GC Match

Over the past year and a half, COVID has had a far-reaching impact on the resources necessary to provide the optimal graduate experience for our students. As a result, we are pausing admissions for the 2023 cycle and will not be accepting a class. We realize this will be disappointing news to prospective students as it has been for us as well. But, like seemingly most decisions affected by COVID in the past year, the tougher option is the more responsible course of action.

We will take this time to focus on our current students, while reassessing our resources based on the post pandemic landscape to uniquely position our program for the future. This decision does not affect current students' training nor will it affect our ACGC program accreditation status. We will inform prospective students of any programmatic developments when they become available.