GPS Alumni

Get Involved

We invite GPS alumni to join the Brandeis University Alumni Association, which serves and is served by more than 41,000 members from across the Brandeis community. The association welcomes approximately 800 new graduates each year and offers a variety of valuable benefits and services for alumni to enjoy. From discounts on insurance, travel and tickets to career services are plenty of reasons to take advantage of the benefits to which all graduates of Brandeis are automatically entitled.

Pursue Another GPS Degree

We know that many professional industries require expertise in more than one area. So, we're simplifying the application process for those students interested in pursuing a second GPS degree in a related field. View more information on our sequential degree policy, or contact our advising staff for more information.

Tuition Reduction

All GPS and Brandeis University alumni are eligible for reduced tuition on future GPS courses. Complete the form below for more information.

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