Louis D. Brandeis: An Inspiring Life
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Brandeis Centennial Dinner Plate

Gold-rimmed decorative plate with an illustration of Louis D. Brandeis (black and white) and his zionism-related quotes. Created by The Zionist Organization of America on October 22, 1956.


Let no American imagine that zionism is inconsistent with patriotism.

There is no inconsistency between loyalty to America and loyalty to Jewry.

Brandeis Centennial Dinner 1856-1956

Waldorf Astoria Hotel October 22, 1956

“The Jewish Spirit ... is essentially modern and essentially American ... indeed, loyalty to America demands rather that each American Jew becomes a Zionist. For only through the nnobling effect of its strivings can we develop the best that is within us and give to this country the full benefit of our inheritance.”

“Every American Jew who aids in advancing the Jewish settlement in Palestine though he feels that neither he nor his descendants will ever live there, will likewise be a better man and a better American for doing so”

CREATOR The Zionist Organization of America
DATE 10/22/1956
FORMAT Still Image (Plate)
COLLECTION Louis Dembitz Brandeis Collection
BOX, SERIES 188, X.II.g.3
RIGHTS Copyright restrictions may apply. For permission to copy or use this image, contact the Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections Department, Brandeis University Library