To Each a Stoogeum

As much as I am impressed when I read about the achievements of our alumni and faculty, I have to say it was refreshing to read Gary Lassin’s quote [King of the Stooges, Spring 2011], “Not everybody is meant to go into brain surgery or find a cure for cancer or be a great political leader. I think I’ve found my niche.” I’m sure there are many like Gary and me who are happy in our less illustrious but still satisfying “niche.”  Thank you for the article about Gary and his Stoogeum.

Donna Howard ’74 
Raymond, N.H.
(no relation to Moe or Curly!)

In with the New

After the many decades of receiving the Brandeis alumni magazine with varied mild reactions, I must register my pleasure at now having received the Spring 2011 edition, which I read with stimulated interest. Obviously, it is your hand that has crafted a truly new and heightened publication. I don’t often write notes like this, but congratulations and thank you.

Bernard Bossom ’54
Seattle, Wash.

Just wanted to give praise where due — the new magazine design looks great. Finally a design as good as the content! Keep up the good work.

Beth Zonderman ’90
San Francisco, Calif.

I just read the spring Brandeis Magazine in preparation for my trip back to Brandeis for my daughter Lara’s graduation. I enjoyed this issue very much, particularly the president’s article [“My Journey to Brandeis”] and the one about contemporaries Lorin Reisner and Ken Lench [“Taking on Wall Street”]. Thanks for publishing a nice magazine.

Alan Solinsky, M.D ’82
West Hartford, Conn.