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Grateful students and admiring colleagues take the measure of David Hackett Fischer, the Pulitzer Prize winner who is celebrating a half century of teaching history at Brandeis.

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Girl Child in the Promised Land

In a remote Maasai village, a young woman of uncommon strength decides to fight for equal rights, for herself and others.

Life After the Higgs

Particle physicists think they’ve finally discovered an elusive bit of matter. So why do they look so glum?

King of Angst

Daniel Smith ’99 has a lot of nerves, as he unflappably details in his new memoir, “Monkey Mind.”

The Brandeis Questionnaire

Founding Ms. magazine editor Letty Cottin Pogrebin ’59 is a feminist, writer, political commentator, doting grandmother, Jew — in short, a lifelong social justice activist.

Calling All Alumni Fiction Writers

Enter Brandeis Magazine’s first-ever short-story contest!