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Sheela Chandrashekar married Sudhir Belagaje on Oct. 19, 2013, at the Renaissance Indianapolis North Hotel. Whitney Gray, Janice Hussain and Morgan Curtis ’07 served as bridesmaids. Other alumni in attendance included Maria Nictas Vlachos, Sofy Landes, Sarah Klein, Becky Peters and Esther Levy. Sheela and Sudhir live in Atlanta. Jacob Baime serves as executive director of the Israel on Campus Coalition, where he oversees efforts to create positive campus change for Israel. He had been national field director at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, supervising a national team of professional campus organizers, overseeing strategic campus initiatives, and managing 10 national training platforms for college and high-school students. Rachel Karnovsky married Sidney Coren ’07 on May 25, 2014, at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Rachel is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Yeshiva University, where she received a master’s in clinical psychology. Sidney is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Columbia and received a master’s in the same field from New York University. Joseph Levitan received a dean’s graduate assistantship for engaged scholarship and research in education from Penn State’s College of Education. He is pursuing a doctorate in education theory and policy. Actor Sheldon Best was the subject of a lengthy profile in The New York Times.

Chandrashekar photo
HOOSIER HAPPINESS: Sheela Chandrashekar ’08 and Sudhir Belagaje were united in marriage at the Renaissance Indianapolis North Hotel. From left: Ted Vlachos, Maria Nictas Vlachos ’08, Sudhir, Janice Hussain ’08, Sheela, Morgan Curtis ’07, Sarah Klein ’08, Sofy Landes ’08, Whitney Gray ’08, Becky Peters ’08 and Esther Levy ’08. 
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