West Medford Riding Stables

posted by Elana on December 18th, 2005 at 10:58 am

Click to learn about the Kelley Riding School and Stables:


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  1. Surella Says:

    I remember Mr. Kountze talking about this on the tour, and your piece reminded me of something he said that day that really struck me - you have this in the recording - it is where he says that it was really unheard of for there to be an African-American owned business that catered to such a mixed crowd - I had asked him about that at the time, how he thought the stables were able to be so successful, and he chalked it up to the unique nature of the business, and the way it was so well run, and that in this way it really became one of those intersticial spaces, where the different racial groups could come together.

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