Complete Walking Tour iPod file

posted by David on January 4th at 4:42 pm

A complete tour document has been prepared in the multi-chapter format specifically for iPods. If you are interested in downloading only a single file, you should receive the podcast in iTunes (browsers don’t seem to recognize the .m4b filetype, always trying to associate it as an mp3 file).

West Medford Walking Tour: Introduction

posted by Andrea on January 3rd at 12:30 pm

Andrea wrote the following introduction of our class project:

“In the autumn of 2005, Professor Mark Auslander of Brandeis University and his class, entitled, “Museums and Public Memory” encountered an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. Counseled by Mr. Wallace Kountze and many others, the class researched and assembled a history of the close-knit community of West Medford, Massachusetts, focusing primarily on its compelling Afro-American heritage. The goal was to present and engaging historical portrait of this community, based on the recorded accounts of its members. The exciting emerging technology of the ipod was chosen for utilization for an audio tour of the heart of the West Medford community. This tour is the result of many hours of dedicated work by the students, the members of the West Medford Afro-American Remembrance Committee, and other community partners. We sincerely hope that you are informed, enlightened, and most importantly, entertained.”

Audio Introduction (without music)

Wallace Kountze, Hilton Parham, Jr. and Marilyn Smith talk to the Brandeis University class, “Museums and Public Memory”"

Community and Cars

posted by Cyanna on December 23rd at 4:16 am

To hear about the impact automobile ownership had on the West Medford community, please click on the following segment:

Community and Cars

Vietnam War Memories, Segment 1 - Introductions by Four Vietnam Veterans

posted by Dana on December 23rd at 1:16 am

Segment 1 - Introductions by Four Vietnam Veterans

Four Vietnam War veterans tell their to stories about their experiences in the Vietnam War, from their thoughts before they enlisted, the their experiences in the service, and to their return home to West Medford after their times in service. Here, listen as these four men introduce themselves, telling their position, rank, and years served during the Conflict.

WWII Memories from the West Medford Community

posted by Dana on December 23rd at 1:14 am

WWII Memories from West Medford

During WWII, many men left the West Medford community to serve in the US military. The public WWII memorials in West Medford are a testament to the time served, and for many, for the lives lost of these veterans. Listen as members of the West Medford community speak about the importance of the WWII veterans to their personal lives and to the community as a whole.

Neighborhood Memories: Civic Responsibility and Community Connections

posted by Cyanna on December 22nd at 11:25 pm

Mrs.Issacs and Mrs. Frisby on voting

Dugger Park Segment 7

posted by Aliza on December 19th at 11:27 pm

Dugger Park Segment 7

Field Day is one of the most fondly remembered activities in the park. Please listen as the Fur sisters, Wally, Marilyn, and Sonny recount the happy memories associated with Field Day.

Dugger Park Segment 6

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Dugger Park Segment 6

For more information about the inspiring individuals associated with sports in the park, please click the link below.

Dugger Park Segment 4

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Dugger Park Segment 4

Dugger Park was significant because it brought the community together to play sports. Please listen as Sonny describes his memories of sports in the park.

Dugger Park Segment 3

posted by Aliza on December 19th at 11:17 pm

Dugger Park Segment 3

This clip describes memories of water activities in Dugger Park from Sonny, Wally, and Marilyn.