Academic Exchanges


The partnership's academic exchanges sought to create knowledge, foster communication and understanding, and promote enduring relationships between Brandeis and Al-Quds University.

A faculty and graduate student exchange was held on the subject of American studies. As part of the Effective Teaching Exchange, three workshops took place in 2007-2009, designed to look at issues of pedagogy, student assessment, course design, and faculty mentoring. In addition, three Brandeis faculty were "in-residence" at Al-Quds in May 2009, teaching courses and advising on faculty and curriculum development; a delegation of Al-Quds faculty also visited Brandeis in November 2009. The Effective Teaching Exchange is being co-led by Susan Lanser and Elaine Wong from Brandeis University, and by Said Zeedani and Saker Darwish from Al-Quds University.

In May 2009, Al-Quds and Brandeis hosted on the Al-Quds campus an international conference on the theme of women and leadership in state and society, with an emphasis on higher education, government, and community-based organizations. The conference co-chairs were Fadwa Allabadi (Al-Quds) and Susan Lanser (Brandeis).

Both universities are currently planning a visit to Al-Quds in June 2010 that will involve additional workshops and consultations.

Undergraduate exchange seminars with the theme "What is a good society?" took place in Istanbul, Turkey, in August 2007 and August 2008. Selected Brandeis students who participated in the programs also took part in workshops and outreach with their Al-Quds student peers at Al-Quds University in May 2009. A delegation of Al-Quds students visited Brandeis in November 2009, and two Brandeis alumni revisited the Abu Dis campus in June 2011.