{"items": [{"priority": "1", "title": "Brandeis extends warm welcome to Class of 2020", "summary": "First-year and transfer students come from far and wide to start at Brandeis.", "teaser": "Read more about Move-In Day.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/orientation-2016-recap/orientation-2016-978.jpg", "alt": "Orientation students stand before Light of Reason."}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/orientation-2016-recap/orientation-2016-82.jpg", "alt": "Brandeis extends warm welcome to Class of 2020"}, "color": "#1c477a", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2016/august/welcome-class-of-2020.html"},{"priority": "2", "title": "Financial stress takes a toll on appearance", "summary": "A new study says worrying about money can actually affect your looks. ", "teaser": "Read more about the study.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/financial-stress-lachman/financial-stress-lachman-978.jpg", "alt": "A man and woman looking at their calculator with great stress"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/financial-stress-lachman/financial-stress-lachman-82.jpg", "alt": "Financial stress takes a toll on appearance"}, "color": "", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2016/july/stress-financial-aging.html"},{"priority": "0", "title": "Carrot fiber could replace key ingredients in diet", "summary": "Brandeis researchers believe new fiber could prevent Type 2 diabetes.", "teaser": "Watch the report.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/carrot-fiber-research/carrot-research-978.jpg", "alt": "A row of multi colored carrots"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/carrot-fiber-research/carrot-research-82.jpg", "alt": ""}, "color": "#33390d", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.wcvb.com/health/carrot-fiber-could-replace-key-ingredients-in-cereals-diet/41037258"},{"priority": "0", "title": "On the frontline of the next revolution in physics", "summary": "Graduate student Hannah Herde is working at the Large Hadron Collider.", "teaser": "Learn more about her research.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/hannah-herde/hannah-herde-atlas-978.jpg", "alt": ""}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/hannah-herde/hannah-herde-atlas-82.jpg", "alt": ""}, "color": "", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2016/august/collider-higgs-particle.html"}]}