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The fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, hey.

The Beauty of the Hebrew Letter: A Visual Journey Through Time

A new Brandeis University Press book highlights the stunning transformation of Hebrew writing and calligraphy over more than 2,000 years — from the Mesha Stele of ancient Jordan to some of today's leading Israeli artists.

Yossi Shain

The Current Rupture in Israel

Special adviser to President Liebowitz and scholar Yossi Shain reflects on the controversy in Israel around judicial reform. Fracture and disunity, he writes, are creating "serious and lasting harm."

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Yossi Shain

Israeli Culture Wars and the Shifting Paradigm of Jewish Morality

Israel and the Middle East

Special adviser to President Liebowitz and scholar Yossi Shain writes about how "the Israeli culture war is having a direct and significant impact on the Diaspora and changing the definition of Jewish morality." 

Jewish mural hanging in synagogue

Aaron Goldberg's Quest to Save a Precious Jewish Mural in Vermont

Alumni and Friends

The Class of '79 alum raced to save an early 20th-century piece of folk art from destruction. The mural now hangs in Goldberg's Burlington synagogue and resembles works once found throughout Eastern Europe.

Broken world with Band-Aids

What "Repairing the World" Means to Me

Alumni and Friends

Alumni, students, and faculty reflect on how the phrase inspires them to make the world a better place.