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Shofar, apple, and prayer shawl

The Sins of the Left and the Right on Israel

High Holidays

Eric Yoffie '69 rewrites the Yom Kippur "Al Het" prayer to atone for the failures, flaws, and faults of Jews on all sides of the debates on Israel.

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"A World Where Justice and Righteousness Prevail" in the Rosh Hashanah Amidah

High Holidays 

Rabbi Ron Kronish '68 writes about the tension "between thinking about how we can make the upcoming year a better one for ourselves and our community and also for all of humanity" in the Rosh Hashanah liturgy.

Books on Kabbalah

5 Must-Read Books on Kabbalah

History and Culture

Professor Yehudah Mirsky lists his favorite books for anyone looking to understand the mystical religious tradition of Kabbalah.

Rav Kook

Rav Kook: The Leading Thinker of Religious Zionism

History and Culture

Founder of the modern Chief Rabbinate of Israel and a major Jewish thinker, Kook was reviled by the left and right in Israeli politics. Professor Yehudah Mirsky explains why both sides profoundly misunderstood Kook's ideas and writings.    

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Register for Our Zoom Talk on Intermarriage!

Thursday, Oct. 6, 4-5 p.m. 

From Biblical times until today, Jews have been warned against marrying non-Jews lest it spell their demise. Hadassah-Brandeis Institute (HBI) research associate Dr. Keren R. McGinity offers a very different perspective. Far from a shanda, could intermarriage be good for the Jews?

This talk will debunk myths and provide a path forward for a strong Jewish future.