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Josh Gondelman

"Hanukkah Turns Me Into the Worst Version of Myself"

Holidays and Religious Traditions

That itchy sweater you got for Hanukkah that's two sizes too small? That kitchen gadget you know you'll never use? Comedian Josh Gondelman '07 writes about what NOT to do when you get a lousy holiday gift.  

Plate full of latkes (potato pancakes)

German Jewish Hanukkah Desserts

Holidays and Religious Traditions

A Brandeis University Press cookbook offers recipes for potato pancakes (reibekuchen), knee doughnuts (knieküchlein) and spiced chocolate hazelnut Cookies (krokerle).

A monument of a menorah

A Call for a Hanukkah Miracle in the Middle East

Holidays and Religious Traditions

What is a miracle? Humans and God working together, Rabbi Ron Kronish '68 says. And only that, he says, can bring the Palestinians and Israelis to the bargaining table.

An 1892 antisemitic cartoon depicting Jews as streaming into New York City and supposedly taking over.

The Long, Ugly Antisemitic History of "Jews Will Not Replace Us"

Jewish America

University Professor Jonathan Sarna '75, MA'75, explains the origins of one of the notorious chants at the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.