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Yossi Shain

A New Brandeis Initiative on Israel

Scholar Yossi Shain, now a special adviser to President Liebowitz, talks about a new Brandeis program that envisions conferences, academic meetings, lectures, residencies, and other academic collaborations relating to Israel.

Michael Strassfeld

What's Wrong with Today's Judaism? Rabbi Michael Strassfeld Says a Lot

Too often, people look at Jewish rituals and say, "What does this have to do with anything?" Strassfeld '71, MA '72, said. In a new book, he explains how to make Judaism more relevant to people's lives.

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Drawing of people putting a Band-Aid on a globe

The World is Broken, So Humans Must Repair It: The History and Evolution of Tikkun Olam

History and Culture

Once an obscure term, tikkun olam is now ubiquitous in American Judaism. Professor Jonathan Krasner explains how the concept has evolved over the millennium.

A Jewish mother and child

How Judaism Honors New Mothers, From Medieval Embroidery to New Traditions Today

Holidays and Religious Traditions

Professor Lisa Fishbayn Joffe explores the Jewish history and traditions that value and celebrate motherhood.   

Two Jewish settlers of American West

The Changing Identity of Jews in the American West

History and Culture

A new Brandeis University Press book examines the role Jews played in America's westward expansion, raising troubling questions about their complicity with this country's racist and colonial past.

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