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Telling the Brandeis Story

No one does it better than we do.

We weave many different threads — tweets, admissions brochures, action shots, stories in The New York Times and in other media outlets, and much more — to create a compelling picture of the vital, global, innovative and diverse tapestry that is Brandeis University.

Of course, the picture isn’t complete without you.

That’s why we help Brandeis faculty, students, academic programs and events get media coverage — maybe a piece in a major news outlet, or in Brandeis Magazine and on BrandeisNOW.

We help you shape your digital footprint through websites or social media.

We craft interesting print publications that promote the university and its mission.

We even direct your close-up when you need a video or some fresh photography.

The result is a vivid, detailed Brandeis story, made especially powerful because all the individual threads always work together.

So contact us when you have a story to tell. We’ll be your experienced creative partner at the microphone, behind the keyboard and the touchpad, and through the lens.

Get started.