Effective Teaching Workshop

In October 2007, Brandeis faculty and administrators Susan Lanser, Elaine Wong, Robert Lange, and Marya Levenson traveled to Al-Quds to co-lead a workshop on pedagogy, curriculum design and assessment for new faculty members, and to work with Al-Quds faculty and administrators to strengthen teaching and learning structures at each university. 70 veteran and beginning faculty at Al-Quds attended the workshop, many staying for the rich discussions during the afternoon break-out groups.

The workshop was split up into two sections: a morning session devoted to general teaching and course design strategies, and an afternoon session of discussion in break-out groups.

In the morning session, faculty discussed topics such as assessment, teaching and pedogogical techniques, and course design.

Effective TeachingDiscussions and challenges

During the afternoon break-out groups, the participants split up to discuss their specific discipline or profession. Here, particular challenge areas were highlighted and debated.

Individual Meetings

Faculty members also met individually with department heads and faculty in their field to discuss mutual opportunities and challenges to strengthening teaching and learning.

Outcomes and Next Steps

Both Brandeis and Al-Quds faculty recognized that the workshop must be part of a larger initiative if it is to succeed and be integrated into the culture of both institutions. A number of follow-up activities were suggested for Al-Quds, including:

  • A mentoring program for new faculty members
  • A committee for the support of teaching
  • Focusing on improving English language programs through exchanges with Brandeis and other institutions
  • Strengthening science programs
  • Additional structural changes to course loads and faculty orientation

Brandeis and Al-Quds faculty will work together to establish next steps for the workshop, mentoring program and exchanges.

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