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Communications Exchange

Al-Quds University integrated its media, public relations and fundraising functions into a single unit. Through a two-way exchange, the Communications Exchange provided key opportunities for Al-Quds personnel to learn new technology, new methods and develop new materials.

The Communications Exchange began in December 2005 with an assessment visit by Lorna Miles, Brandeis' former senior vice president for communications, and Mike Lovett, the university photographer. This visit was followed by short-term residencies at Brandeis by Rola Alafandi, the Al-Quds director of public relations, and Daniel DeWolff, graphic designer and web developer. While at Brandeis, the Al-Quds personnel worked in various parts of the Office of Communications and developed public relations instruments for Al-Quds University.

Al-Quds personnel produced new public relations materials, specifically designed to enhance the fundraising capacity of Al-Quds University. In addition, the Al-Quds staff increased its capacity for the production of print and online publications.