Continuing Education

Continuing Education was a project under the rubric of administrative exchanges. There was already considerable continuing education happening at Al-Quds University, in a number of different units; Brandeis has a Rabb School of Continuing Studies that enrolls over 3,000 college and adult students. The project team identified a number of synergies between the two universities for helping to expand and organize Al-Quds continuing ed. offerings.

To begin work on the project, Sybil Smith, former Executive Director of Graduate Professional Studies, traveled to Al-Quds in April 2008 to conduct an initial assessment of Al-Quds offerings, potentials, and challenges. During her visit she met with more than 25 administrators and faculty at Al-Quds, and identified needs in a number of areas including distance learning, outcomes assessment, centralization of resources, technology and training. Some potential collaborations with the Rabb School were discussed in terms of providing resources, support and training programs.