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Download the report of the Administration and Finance Exchange (June 27, 2006). (PDF)

Download the report of Imad Abu-Kishek's Strategic Planning Year (2005-06) at Brandeis University (July 27, 2006). (PDF)

Administration and Finance Exchange

The administration and finance exchange was established primarily for Al-Quds University administrators to study Brandeis systems and procedures, and to build Al-Quds' capacity.

In one major aspect of the exchange, Imad Abu Kishek, vice president for Administrative and Financial Affairs at Al-Quds, spent the 2005-2007 academic years in residence at Brandeis University. During his stay, he created a strategic plan for Al-Quds University's administrative and financial departments after observing several Brandeis departments. Colleagues of Abu Kishek also visited Brandeis during his stay in order to learn more about Brandeis' operations and how changes might be made at Al-Quds. The strategic plan created as a result of the exchange is now being implemented at Al-Quds University.

Perry Hanson, former vice president and vice provost for Libraries and Technology Services, later visited Al-Quds twice to follow up on the strategic planning process and consult on library services, including the possibility of building a new central library for Al-Quds.

Al-Quds University made considerable progress in integrating and upgrading its systems, but it faces challenges in developing systems and infrastructure. The administration and finance exchange helped create a roadmap for improvements in the operation of the university.