Administrative Exchanges

Derek IsaacowitzThe principal goal of the Brandeis/Al-Quds partnership's administrative exchanges was to help build Al-Quds University's administrative capacity, and to model collaborative university planning. Through a series of personnel exchanges between the two universities, Al-Quds administrators and faculty were studying Brandeis operations and developing strategies to strengthen Al-Quds systems and operations. These exchanges comprised two distinct project areas: Administration and Finance and Communications. In addition, a third project area in continuing education was being considered.

Each project began with a short-term visit by Brandeis personnel to Al-Quds to conduct in-depth assessments of Al-Quds systems and policies. These visits were followed by extended residencies by Al-Quds personnel at Brandeis, to allow them to observe Brandeis' business processes and systems and, in some cases, enroll in specialized courses. These residencies enabled Al-Quds officials to create strategic institutional improvement plans that they planned to implement upon their return to Al-Quds.

As part of the exchange, Imad Abu Kishek, vice president of Administrative and Financial Affairs at Al-Quds, developed a strategic plan for Al-Quds operations. Rola Alafandi, director of Al-Quds public relations, developed a communications plan, and Al-Quds began a course of implementing new pedagogical trainings. Perry Hanson, former Brandeis vice president and vice provost for Libraries and Technology Services, visited Al-Quds twice to follow up on the strategic planning process and consult on library services.

In addition to furthering the immediate goals of the partnership, administrative exchanges offered staff and faculty at Brandeis and Al-Quds the opportunity to establish and maintain long-lasting connections. We hoped that such connections would generate future collaboration and projects and foster greater understanding between the campus communities and the university's wider communities.